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weWFM seeks WFM professionals to participate in market research survey

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

While larger organizations may have dedicated Workforce Management (WFM) teams, many companies do not and the WFM tasks are left overlapped between operations, finance, and human resources. WFM lacks its own identity and struggles to hold a unique place in organizations because it encapsulates many aspects of those different fields. This leads to an inability to fully establish best practices and create a community that enables teams to maximize efficiency and optimize resources.

weWFM is asking for WFM professionals to participate in its current market research survey

to understand the current reality of WFM professionals and future possibilities as well as to

support the strategic decision-making of companies. Widespread participation in this survey is vital to building a full picture of the WFM industry throughout different sectors and regions, and to gain the necessary knowledge that is needed to understand the present picture and future goals within the community of WFM professionals.

"No one really dreamed of being here, but there are a lot of people here, so why not do something about it?" stated co-founder and CEO, André Leitão regarding the fact that most WFM professionals do not plan to be in the industry but end up in their roles on accident. With this survey, weWFM hopes to create a sense of belonging in the community.

Additionally, this research can allow WFM to gain visibility within the academic space. By entering that space, WFM would be able to break its way into university courses, and academic research, and garner widespread interest. This breakthrough will allow for the attraction of new talent.

weWFM’s research will employ a multifaceted approach and will bolster the survey with more in-depth interviews to dive deeper into a smaller group of industry professionals, and community feedback that will allow for the possibility of reaching a wider audience and collecting more personalized individual opinions.

weWFM is incredibly grateful to the sponsors of this research: CCmath, injixo, Longreach Recruitment Ltd, summitWFM, and Modus RP.

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