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Best Practice & Networking Telegram Group for Workforce Management Professionals

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In 2019, I was dealing with a workforce management issue, scratching my brain and wondering who I might contact in my network to get a second opinion on whether I was on the right track. Of course, I could email or phone a few friends, but I wished there was a group where I could ask questions and get an immediate answer from a community of WFM planners.

So, with that in mind, I formed a group on WhatsApp, though we have since switched to Telegram Messenger and invited a few of my friends.

Since then, 700 WFM professionals have joined (from all over the world), and I like to believe we are one of the most active WFM devoted best practice and networking virtual groups on the internet.

Anyone with a WFM experience is welcome- the community is free to join, has a strict "no sales" policy, and focuses on networking and exchanging best practices.

In addition to the main group, which currently has over 700+ active members, there are subgroups devoted to NICE WFM, Aspect WFM, Verint WFM, Teleopti WFM, Injixo WFM, Genesys WFM, Noble WFM, Intradiem WFM, Qstory WFM, Manual WFM, and Job Opportunities.

Additionally, I am glad to announce that weWFM has achieved an exclusive arrangement with CCmath BV to create a special Telegram Messenger group where mathematical specialists will be present to answer any questions or concerns about Workforce Management Forecasting, Scheduling, or Erlang - completely free of charge.

Anyone interested in joining should first download the Telegram app to their smartphone (iOS, Windows, or Android are all supported), then join via a room called "Gateway to the Main-group" - this is where one of the admins or I will introduce you to the various options in terms of main-group and subgroups.

You may join this room directly by clicking the link below, or if the link doesn't work for you, look for me on Telegram (my username is casterton) and send me a telegram message directly, and I will add you to the groups personally.

Check out the weWFM Podcast on Apple or Spotify

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