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Announcement weWFM:CCmath Partnership

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

weWFM is glad to announce a strategic partnership with CCmath, who were founded in 2005 with the commitment to make Call Center Mathematics accessible to everyone, based on the vision that companies can significantly improve the efficiency level of their WFM process when they have access to advanced mathematical methods.

CCmath Website:

weWFM and CCmath will strive to work towards future collaborative concepts that serve the best interests of the WFM community, including best practice content creation & sharing (webinars, blog posts, podcast episodes) across both platforms, hosting the CCmath Erlang Calculator on the weWFM website as well as working towards a set of common learning paths for Workforce Management professionals.

Edit 12th July 22: I am glad to announce that weWFM has achieved an exclusive arrangement with CCmath BV to create a special Telegram Messenger group where mathematical specialists will be present to answer any questions or concerns about Workforce Management forecasting, scheduling, or Erlang "free of charge."

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