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Workforce Management. Simplified.

Exceed your customers’ expectations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and keep an agile and happy workforce with Playvox. Forecast, schedule, roster and manage your workforce in real-time.



Real-Time Visibility of all Contact Channels in One Place

Aggregate date from telephony, ticketing, chat, payroll, quality, and HR to get a holistic view of operations.


Reduced Cost and Improved Customer Experience
Have the right agents available at the right time to service customers without overstaffing – all leading to a better customer experience.


Optimized Workforce

Self-learning, accurate, forecasting and self-learning scheduling.

Deep Feature Set – Easy to Digest

Accommodate complex environments with features commonly found only in larger, legacy platforms.

Omnichannel DNA

Built from the ground up to work in omnichannel environments. Follow customer conversations through multiple touch points, types, and agents from first touch to resolution.



Scheduling – incorporate any number of KPIs, business requirements, grade of service agreements, and goals to create the most efficient schedule.

Forecasting – accept data in real-time and use self-adjusting algorithms to automatically and continuously increase forecast accuracy.

Real-Time and Intraday Management – monitor adherence in real-time and provide alerts when adherence falls below acceptable thresholds.

Rostering – provide managers, team leaders and staff the ability to view their rosters anywhere, at any time.

Integrations – out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRM, CCaaS, HR and collaboration platforms.


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