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Napoleon specializes in deploying Workforce Management processes and technology into operational areas such as retail, manufacturing, and healthcare, and he is a kindred spirit to our mission at weWFM, believing that the more we band together as a community, the more we can take the profession to new heights. We cover a wide range of subjects, including WFM career options, typical pitfalls in adopting workforce management technology, and some of the intricacies and contrasts between contact center workforce management and Workforce Management applied in other industries, such as retail. 

🎙️ 42 min time



How is  Workforce Management perceived from the other side?

Join us in a conversation with Marie Diks, and get a view on how a WFM background helped to shape Marie’s career to skyrocket and become a senior leader in the industry.

In addition, we will explore how culture impacts the way we get things done.

🎙️ 40 min time



Matt discusses his journey into workforce management, as well as what it's like to break new ground in an established company when you're the first employee to hold a workforce management title. Matt offers some excellent advice on how to persuade stakeholders to invest in and support a Workforce Management process, even when few stakeholders are aware of what workforce management is all about.

🎙️ 48 min time



In this episode, Georgios Kagalos and Bahadr Eren discuss the collaboration they established between the Workforce Management and Business Intelligent teams, as well as how they won a European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) award for "BEST USE OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE"

🎙️ 21 min time



In this episode, Nikki Calhoun will share her perspective on how companies should enable service teams to become revenue enablers and what is the role of automation and data in facilitating decision making.
Delivering on the promise to your end customer is critical to success. Join us to know more and leave with great advice from a senior leader in the service industry to everyone that wants to make a career in this industry.

🎙️ 30 min time



In this episode, we speak with Emery about his experiences relocating from Canada to Germany and the cultural adjustments he needed to make. We discuss AI and how we, as humans, must adapt our skill sets to remain relevant. We explore how Workforce Management is seen outside of customer-facing jobs and how organizational scale and WFM vendors play a significant influence in driving workforce management adoption. Finally, Emery gives his top Workforce Management Strategies/Tips at the end, which are super interesting.

🎙️ 22 min time



During this episode, we talk with Daniel about his career path from an Agent to a WFM Trainer & Consultant and the need for more collaboration between WFM and HR. We also go deep on why it is important to note that the classical definition of Workforce Management should be reconsidered in light of recent technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the fact that WFM tools are no longer merely systems for recording process data but are instead a genuinely transformational system that helps organizations reduce the administrative burden placed on managers and supervisors.

🎙️ 33 min time



We talked with Jeffrey Lijffijt-Vice-President Digital CX and Consultancy EMEA at COPC about what WFM is to him, how he is involved in this area of expertise and what he thinks about the development of WFM in the future.

🎙️ 14 min time



Join us on a trip to South East Asia to speak with Emile Anthony Nair, Workforce Manager at TaksUs. We spoke about WFM skills needed to succeed at this job, how was his journey when he started 15 years ago, how the industry has evolved over time and the impact that culture has on the way we conduct business.

🎙️ 30 min time



We talk with Anshuman Dwivedi, Scalable Capital's Head of Vendor Management, on the interdependence of Workforce Management and BPO Vendor Management, best practices, the people who have inspired him the most as a person and as a professional, and he even shares his Indian food Facebook page. This is a must-listen!

🎙️ 33 min time



Here at weWFM we are on a mission to be Workforce Management professionals' voice, knowledge platform, and source of new ideas and best practices.In this episode, you'll learn more about what we want to accomplish with weWFM: the people involved and each of our individual journeys that brought us together.

🎙️ 32 min time